Tuesday, August 28, 2001

28 August 2001

The strange period of adjustment continues to dog me like a dog in North East Kansas who followed me for three miles..

The journey hangs round my neck like an albatross - a ghostly memory that will take some exorcising.. or may be it should lift me rather than burden.. either way it is still a very potent sensory perception..

and this is very much a diversion from the real task of these few weeks.. finding a new job..

so that I can make plans for the next sneaking up on a reality..

how about 'Sneaking up on Australia' ?
or Italy ?
or New Zealand ?


cheers all

Friday, August 10, 2001

10 August 2001
Nottingham, England

Well I'm home, back in Nottingham, back in England colder and wetter, and it's a bit of a struggle getting motivated again.. lots to do, and many tasks already done, but the end of the journey feeling is hard to get over..

Once you have travelled the voyage never ends, but is played over and over again in the quietest chambers.. the mind can never break off from the journey. - Pat Conroy

and John Blashford Snell has written about post-expedition blues.. well, I've got 'em..

hey, but not surprising that the detail of the past 90 days has been turning round in my memory.. and there has been lots to do, not least the processing of the photos.

With any luck, there should be new photos on the site - try clicking on the links page to view..

and I'm trying out a few pages of fuller detail..just to see what the page by page journal looks like. Do give it a go and let me have any feedback.

Sunday, August 05, 2001

Seattle Saturday

Eric Clapton was awesome

and this is my last despatch from Seattle and the states
so hail and farewell and thanks for the memories
until next time

Australia won again this time inside three days and by 7 wickets thus winning the ashes series..

Saturday, August 04, 2001

Seattle Friday

Australia got five more runs than England intheir frst innings
Seattle beat Detroit by 2-1 in their nine innings game
England batting secong innings have reached 1044 for 6 men out
the game is poised for an exciting finish
trust me on this

Friday, August 03, 2001

Seattle Thursday 2 August

this is just for the benefit of our many american cricket fans..

the third test match has just started and for once England appear to have the upper hand..
althought they were bowled out for 185, they have Australia on the rocks at 105 for 7 so this means that after the first day (of five remember) England have finished their innings and got Australia in a porr position.

Seattle beat Detroit 2-1 in an exciting game this evening.. well done the Mariners..

Thursday, August 02, 2001

Thursday 2 August
Seattle, Washington

This is a short posting to say hello and tak to Kristina at the Experience Music Project in Seattle.. and to invite her to come on my next bike ride..

and to say that the trip is drawing to a close and there will be a short break until I get back to England and can update the site from there.. including more photos.. well worth waiting for folks..

and I've been to the grave of Jimi Hendrix along with half a dozen other pilgrims..

but the big news is the ticket to Eric Clapton in Concert in Seattle on Saturday.. whehey.. fantastic.

more next week

bye for now...