Wednesday, October 31, 2001

31 October 2001
Nottingham (still)

trying not to get blown away in the wind of October and at the same time avoid the trick or treaters from the neighbourhood..
so the news is a new job in London village next week, and that means starting to build the funds back up again for the next sneaking up on.. maybe Oz, maybe Italy..
and writing the book of the adventure of America is still progressing but slowly..
not very adventurous for the moment..
but do scroll down for some earlier travel updates for the genuine sneaking up op America.

Sunday, October 21, 2001

October 2001
and sneakinguponamerica feels like a long time ago.. the autumn days are turning from mellow fruitfulness to wet and windy and a hunter's moon will be along soon.
I'm in need of a new journey and I'm planning to sneak up on Australia as soon as I can get the funds together, which means that I need a job fairly toot sweet.
Nottingham is wonderful at this time of year.. the average age of the city falls by about ten years with the arrival of 40,000 students at the two universities and other learning institutions.

Goose Fair came and went, a million people had their wits scared out of them by some of the craziest rides in the world - you have to ask about the motivation of people who design rides - now let's see, if we throw people upside down and the twist.. er, what will that do to their giblets?

anyway my nieces had fun.

the world continues to look on in amazement at events in the barren mountains of the hindu kush.. especially as the objectives of bombing the rubble and dust of Afghanistan seem to have been lost.. are we simply replacing rubble with rubble?

Thursday, October 04, 2001

October already.. Nottingham is in the middle of Goose Fair.. the biggest fair of its kind in Europe, with over a million visitors in the course of the 4 days..

it also signals the start of autumn (Fall for all you worldwide readers) in these parts.. when we have to start contemplating central heating going back on.. the nights draw in.. and the autumn TV schedules build up for the winter blockbusters..

and thoughts of travellers turn to foreign parts and the NEXT BIG ADVENTURE..

now chums.. what do you think about 'sneakinguponaustralia' ? Does it not have an evocative ring about it?

Now I know I could be accused of simply following Bryson around the world.. but hey I'll be on a bicycle..

anyone with thoughts about Australia.. please let me know through the usual channels..

BUT PLEASE no stories about spiders that wait under the bog seat to bite the sensitive parts..