Friday, December 21, 2001

21 December 2001
London and Nottingham again

another week passed by in the twinkle of an eternity.. I've been in this job six weeks? already?
The office party last night has decimated attendance in the office this morning.. so what's new?
I hope there aren't too many people I need to apologise to.. no doubt the emither traffic will soon be humming hotter..

and home tonight for the festive and hopefully restive season. and to renew acquaintance with the cat - I hope she recognises me.

and then into the swing of Yuletide - wassail etc..

here we come awassailing, among the leaves so green,
He's got the biggest wassail that the world has ever seen

and so on

there may be a few updates over the yuletide season - but I wouldn't place a huge bet on it.

so let me take this opportunity of thanking everyone who has logged onto to Sneaking Up On America..
to wish all and sundry a fabulous holiday break, and a joyous new year - if that co-incides with your calender..

and to wish everyone plenty of adventure and good cheer in the year ahead..

Friday, December 14, 2001

14 December
London and Nottingham (tonight)

the end of another working week - and time to bid farewell to a number of colleagues heading off into the wild blue yonder - and South Africa.. so this is a little thanks and farewell to Kim who is leaving for the coast which as we know is a reference to the Procol Harum hit - Whiter Shade of Pale, and you will know the rest..

I had an email from Bobbi from the tea rooms in Helena, Montana today - oh the nostalgia and memories - Bobbi tells me that it is cold and snowy in the Rockies and her cats won't go out.. and the tea shop is up for sale - now there's a thought - anyone want to come in on a quarter share of the best english tea rooms east or west of the rockies?

Thanks Bobbi - and a cule yule to you too..

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

12 December 2001

London - hub of the Xmas shopping universe

Tonight is St Lucia or St Lucy's Eve - so don't go to bed without supper or the faeries will get you.

London is completely clogged this morning.. for those who know - Shoreditch High Street and Hackney Road were grid locked - so that's the last time I try the 149 into work.. what was it Dr Johnson said - he whi is tired of London is tired of Life..

Give me the open road, the rolling hills of Missouri, the gentle rising slopes of Nebraska - Go Big Red - the chilly wet of west Washington..

Oh for the songs of summer - hey ho..

Friday, December 07, 2001

7 December 2001
London Village

sorry for the break in transmission there guys.. new job, new digs, new lifestyle in London and Nottingham.
The thing about living even tenmporarily in London is to resist the pace.. don't walk down the escalators - they'll get you there all in good time.. don't bust a gut to get onto the tube.. remember the sage words of Danish Philosopher Piet Hein..

When waiting on train platforms..
It ought to be plain
How little you gain
By getting excited and vexed.
For you'll always be late for the previous train
But always on time for the next..

The Otis Elevator Company calculate that they lift the equivalent of the entire world population of the ground every nine days.. yet how many times do we see people pressing the 'close door' button in lifts? Little knowing that it is there as a psychological sop to our impatience and has no effect at all. And what do we think we will save by hammering the 'door close' button? a couple of seconds? Yet we are conditioned into thinking that as soon as we get into a lift we want it to move. Even waiting in a hiatus of stillness for 2 seconds is anathema.

Good word anathema.

In Birmingham in the office block I worked in for the Millennium Festival the Elevators were manufactured by Schindler Corporation - otherwise known as Schindlers' Lifts.

I checked the bank balance yesterday - it looks at this rate of saving that it is more likely to be sneakinguponitaly next rather than sneakinguponoz.. hey ho, tant pis, c'est la vie, que sera sera, gaspeau de la nuit.. the problem is that in this estimable office in London Village, I'm surrounded by antipodeans - aussies, kiwis and saffas..

more anon - better stop using company time for website updates...