Thursday, February 28, 2002

Thursday 28 February 2002


and this is the last day at work for the wonderful and inveterate Kiwi, Rachel Carder, who has taunted me about the cricket for the past several weeks... but dinnae fash y'sen Rach, we'll show the Kiwis how to play when it comes to the real test..

and since sneakinguponwaitangi is on the cards for next winter.. I just want to wish Rachel all the best, and thanks for all the green fruit, and especially for keeping the department together..

and hope to see you in Taupo..
Thursday 28 February 2002

London - about ten minutes after posting the last update..

and I can't let the day go by without highlighting the typo in the update below. where a stray apostrophe has incorrectly and inadvertently slipped into its due time..
sorry, pardon

Thursday 28 February 2002

London, then Nottingham, then Lincolnshire (the land that time forgot)

It hardly seems a day goes by without someone logging on to the site.. and since I only travel between parts of London and Nottingham there is a slight feeling of unease about keeping a travel diary..

however the high points of recent travel include - the District Line, the Northern Line, Midland Mainline, and the 73 bus route.. sadly Midland Mainline is the only section of the journey that gives me grief.. Why oh Why, can't train operators abandon the idea that trains are due at certain times and let passengers know when they are expected ? why oh why etc..

We can read when trains are due from the timetable, but as with all works of fiction, the imagination is stimulated when it has some connection to real life. Not a great philosophical point this.. but if a train is regulated to 80 mph instead of the usual 110 mph it is obvious that it will not arrive at it's due time.. but it is not beyond the wit of a manager to state when it is expected to arrive.. hey ho, and why oh why once more for good measure.

TFTD - see link.. but you can guess that it is a Spike..

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Thursday 21 February 2002

and we survived the palindromic time thingy - the next one may not be until 12 minutes past nine in the evening of the last day of the universe - so watch out.. meanwhile in the real world..

there's too much going on for a person to keep track of.. what about the Brits then? and England beating NZ in the latest one dayer? and hey how about those curling ladies? go curling brits! and finally after their impressive one nil victory over Sheffield Wed on Saturday will the Mariners make it two in a row over Forest this Saturday.. and shall I get down top the Forest ground to cheer on our boys? or should I get my head into vision statements about arts in education?

So the big debate is how we feel about manufactured bands winning three out four Brit awards decided by the GBP, really? How do you tell a manufactured band from a non manufactured but heavily marketed one? I mean does it matter if the poster on the son or daughter's bedroom wall is Steps Club 99 or Dido and Aenaeus? It still has to be paid for...

I'm still a Loudon Wainwright lll fan myself..

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Wednesday 20 February 2002

never mind the palindromes - Gnu dung for example..

Have you noticed on the tube or in the office those members of the travelling public who are clearly under surveillance by the Men In Black?
I've noticed a number of people lately who look decidedly as if they have an alien inside.. including one guy who has been entirely taken over by the same kind of cockroach creature that did for the farmer in upstate New York..

it's the look that points to the skies.. at least through one eye..

just thought someone ought to know.

Monday, February 18, 2002

Monday 18 February 2002
back in London Village
after a strange weekend in Nottingham the most exciting city in the UK
strange because I picked up my specs.. fed the cat.. found some masonery had fallen down in the chimney and celebrated Col's birthday..
happy daze Col..
and that oh esteemed readers of the airways was about that..
now just a reminder that if you want to read up the travel update of the actual journey across the states from Miami to Seattle you can do so by scrolling back to the beginning.. just use the scroll bar on the right.

the updates are in reverse order.. so the first story I posted - the journey from Derby to Heathrow is at the bottom of the pile.. but maybe worth it if you have the time and inclination..

ok enjoy the rest of the week.. if something happens between here and Friday - I'll keep you posted..

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Thursday 14 February 2002
back in London Village

and I've just had an emither from my friends Wayne and Robbie Troutt - you'll remember Wayne from Texas and who gave me shelter from a hurricane storm in Nebraska.. he's just sent me a message about the man who kept coming up to the Marine guarding the White House and asked for President Clinton.. I've told you sir, Mr Clinton is no longer President, don't you understand that? Oh yes, said the visitor, but I just like to hear the words...

I think you can guess that Wayne is Republican in sympathy.. his dad held the fat lip carp fishing record in Texas...

meanwhile I am sad to report that England lost the cricket to New Zealand - much to the glee of my Kiwi colleague Rachel - now remember guys in the states that this is one day cricket we're talking about - not the five day variety that can end in a draw... one day cricket is only one innings per side, and lasts 50 overs, unless the side is all out before that..

but we got an honourable draw in the football (soccer) against Holland.. I viewed in the pub across the street, and fell into conversation with Elliot whi is studying spanish, buenas dias Elliot..

oh and happy St Valentine's to all the love lorn out there..

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Wednesday 13 February
just back from Glasgow

what a fab and groovy city.. Glasgow is
my kind of town - eh, Glasgow is

the wind blew high and the wind blew low, and a few kilts were on display, and what goes under a kilt also.
the city was declaring itself 'City of Lurv' this week.. which means that for a while people stop beating each other up.. not actually that is a gross calumny, the people are immensely friendly.

the Gallery of Modern Art - GOMA - was changing exhibitions but there was still enough on dosply to remind myself that the TATE doesn't have the monopoly on good modern stuff.. what I really like is that there is a painting by Paul Waplington in the Gallery (which I saw last time I was here) and is a view over the part of Nottingham where I first lived when I moved there in 1974. I can point out my street, but not my house..

so thanks to all associates and colleagues in Bonnie Scotland including the staff at the Centre for Contemporay Art on Sauchiehall Street and the City Merchant restaurant where I pigged out on baked cod.. and sticky toffee pudding

bumpy flights out and back - but hey that just adds to the fun..

Thursday, February 07, 2002

Thursday 7 February 2002
London and Nottingham

well sorry all you Kiwi mates about the cricket.. South Africa won by 8 wickets.. (for the US readers this means that South Africa passed the New Zealand total with only two men out, so they win by having eight men left.. geddit?)

so back to Nottingham tonight from the heat and dust of the City.. Nottingham is the fastest growing city in the UK and has just been judged to have the best transport system in Europe.. so we're feeling pretty smug about that..

when you add that to the bars and restaurants, theatres clubs and sporting facilities you'd think that it was the best place to live.. but there are pockets of extremes in Nottingham of affluence and poverty and deprivation.. and the sad thing is that the disparity is made all the more blatant and obvious by the gepgraphical closeness of the extremes...

But there, it's home and the cat will be glad to see me when I get back..

Going to the University this evening to view the Eco - house, a scientific marvel apparently.. courtesy of the British Association for the Advancement of Science of which I am a member..

report back tomorrow..

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Wednesday 6 February 2002

but thoughts of New Zealand as today is Waitangi Day - the anniversary of the treaty between the Brits and the Maori people of the Land of the Long White Cloud..
or godzone

so Happy Daze to all the Kiwis - and a special mention to Rachael Carder in our office in whose honour we have put up the map.
As well as now being the fantasy film capital of the world - with Lord of the Rings and Xena Warrior Princess being filmed there, New Zealand is big on sport. The cricket team is even now contesting the world final against South Africa in Oz... now you American readers of this travel update - you remember cricket? It's the game of two teams and four innings and five days and still can come out as a draw?
except that this time the Kiwis and the South Africans are playing a one day game - one innings per side over 50 overs..

you'll get the idea - come on you Black Caps.

New Zealand is now definitely in the frame for my next bike ride adventure.. not sure of the title yet.. if I combine it with the ride to Oz I guess we could be talking - sneakingupondownunder.. or maybe sneakinguponwaitangi..

when asked what he thought of New Zealand the social wit and bon viveur Sir Clement Freud said - I find it hard to say, because when I was there it seemed to be shut.

silly arse is what I say to Sir Clement... and besides it was an original line of WC Fields talking about Philadelphia..

Happy Waitangi Day everyone..