Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Tuesday 28 May 2002

it keeps on raining... topical sonnet on the subject...

Life on Mars? Death in Haywards Heath?

The weather forecast forecasts global showers;
Across the planet, water has been found
In frozen lakes and swirling reservoirs,
Canals that irrigated Martian ground.
That rusty world, the angry god of war,
That inspired Wagner, Holst and HG Wells,
Is giving up the secrets that before
NASA arrived were science fiction tales.

Meanwhile on Earth, a wet weekend of storms
Has taken life-forms strangely by surprise.
In Haywards Heath where dromedaries roam,
A camel met an untimely demise;
Apparently, expecting waves of heat
Instead of floods and tempests in the street.

28 May 2002

Monday, May 27, 2002

Monday 27 May 2002

hey what a crazy weekend - storms in the Irish camp and storms in sunny England...

and here is the latest topical sonnet

Roy Keane

The fever pitch of Irish passion tips
The balance of their chances from the green
Of go to seeing red, of letting slip
The dogs of war. So farewell Captain Keane.

In fifteen words you blew away the hope
Of lifting Jules Rimet to cheering skies;
A nation’s prayers to statues of the Pope
All dashed, in spite of smiling Irish eyes.

A once in four years world-wide golden chance
To increase sales of Guiness in the East;
To stage a final tour of River Dance;
The global life of craic is now deceased.

So even Bertie’s tried to get you back;
And what d’you think of that, dear Uncle Jack?

Monday 27 May 2002

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Wednesday 22 May 2002

I know I mustn't harp on about this time last year.. bu this time last year I was across the north of Florida and heading north into Mississippi and Tennessee.. see entries below.. actually a long way below..

for now here is the latest topical sonnet

Star Wars – Attack of the Clones

To Star Wars at the weekend been I have,
Amidst a popcorn chomping mini horde,
With good intent a universe to save
By putting evil empires to the sword.
Whilst Dubya Wan Kenobi saves from harm,
And Yoda gurgles statements to the wise
From number ten, the swarm before the calm
Continues buying George’s merchandise.
We watch the dark side rise against the sun,
As Jedi knights gather as time unbends.
The episodes of epic sagas run
In sequence only Lucas comprehends.
It seems that in the Wars against the Drones,
It’s we the audience who are the Clones.

Wednesday 22 May 2002

Sunday, May 19, 2002

Sunday 19 May 2002

after seeing Star Wars the Cloney Thing
Hmmm fab fantasy the new film with Yoda is... etc

er I've noticed that there has been a problem with the update of the link from Sneakinguponamerica.. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it - so hopefully normal service will be resumed toot sweet..

Friday, May 17, 2002

Friday 17 May 2002
London - Nottingham later

sorry for the slight break in transmission here guys, it didn't feel quite right writing about train crashes.

London has bee in its regular late spring - phew wot a scorcher - mode this week. Cycling across the capital has not been a joy.
The pub quiz went well...

eg - which Dickens' novel features spontaneous combustion?
For our chums in the States - the first Test Match started yesterday.. England are playing Sri Lanka.. and getting hammered all over the park. Just to remind US chums that the Test Match is a game of two innings per side over five days - and may end in a draw.. pointless? far from it chums.
BUT the big news is that Beck's is running again.. the Evening Standard had the first picture.. but showed that he was favouring the outside of his left foot..

so in celebration - here is the latest topical sonnet...

World Cup 1

The sushi marquee, Gucci party beat,
The Luton VIP departure gates
The Dubai days to get used to the heat
The sayonara in the east awaits.
A nation’s preparations thus complete,
Ten million TVs warming for the blast
Ten thousand billboards standing to compete
For appetite and thirst. How will it last?

Will the rest of you, Monsieur World et wife,
Begin to even contemplate five weeks
When all you can retort is, ‘Gettalife’
To we translated obsessed footy geeks?

The best that you can hope for is the chance
That Engaland will lose 3 – 0 to France.

Friday 17 May

Thursday, May 09, 2002

Thursday 9 May 2002

cycled in to work yesterday and today - this time last year I was cycling in Miami Beach Florida, wondering how to get across the Everglades without being eaten by gators and snakes...
I realise that for fans of sneakinguponamerica nostalgia for the trip that took place now a year ago will be of little interest or consolation for the fact that I now only cycle across London village.. the travel log of that epic journey is further back on this page... just scroll down far enough and you'll find it.. the trravel diary is in reverse order, so the start is at the bottom..

here is the latest topical sonnet

The UN Special Session for Children Opens in New York
And get little coverage in the mainstream media

Do you recall, as I do, how it was?
To wonder, lonely, if a cloud so high…
Forever and forever asking, ‘why?’
And only hearing adults, ‘just because..’
A childhood less extra-ordinary was played
In fields and woods beyond the Grammar School,
A carefree wildness, strangely wonderful
With all the Be-Ro comfort Mum conveyed.

A hundred years ago, it all feels now,
A ghastly, ghostly age of innocence
That whimpers at an anger so intense
Forever and forever asking, how
A young girl straps explosives to her thighs
And steps into a market place and dies?

Thursday 9 May 2002

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Tuesday 7 May 2002
London after Nottingham

a bit of catching up to do with this topical sonnet

Barbara Castle

Let’s celebrate in drafts of strong red wine,
A fighter, whose blood ran a deeper red,
A darker crimson hue, than yours or mine –
In argument never dimmed or slighted.
Go fly the people’s flag now at half mast
In honour of the party’s true Red Queen;
And scour old labour’s archives of the past
For her fierce inspiration, now unseen.
Her passing marks how far are re-aligned
The principles of justice; she denies
The way our social values are refined
As Tony’s revolution testifies.
As one by one the old guard leave the stage
The new guard re-write history page by page.

Monday 6 May 2002

Friday, May 03, 2002

Friday 3 May 2002
a year since I took off on the bike ride across the States - a whole year, chums, this time last year I set off from Derby Station bike all boxed up, stomach all knotted up..

and since then? well the book hasn't materialised yet.. just a few pages and good intentions.

Happy Wedding anniversary BTW to Stafford and Janet..

here is the latest topical sonnet.. not very cheerful

Local elections

What is this threatened British way of life
That has to be defended by the lies
Of bricks through windows? The spray-can defies
The truth of hope. Despair beggars belief.

Define for me this Britishness, hard bound
In such desperation, that you now fear
Your new neighbours, whose choice is not to share
Your appetite for stamping on the ground.

What racist purist crap do you condone?
What sick, sad venom do you spit in shame?
There in our midst, do not speak in my name;
But, roaches, crawl back underneath the stone.

The only course of action for the rest
Is face down lies – put falsehood to the test.

3 May 2002