Friday, July 26, 2002

Friday 26 July 2002

Topical sonnet for the end of the week

Silly Season

The dog days of summer, thought in recess;
The nation’s intellect drops down a gear;
It’s always silly at this time of year –
Nonsensical tales take over the press.

A streaker opens in the test at Lords;
Three hundred sheep in France jump – mutton stew;
Cute baby pandas escape London Zoo;
And shy coypu invade the Norfolk Broads.

Phew what a scorcher raves the current bun;
Her Maj vacates, leaving a plague of mice;
‘They’re fraffly beastly all over the hice;
New Aesop fables provide media fun.

And finally, the phone lines humming hot
Big Brother ends, and will Jade scoop the pot?

26 July 2002

Monday, July 22, 2002

Monday 22 July 2002

topical sonnet 35

House calls

We see him bleakly now in our mind’s eye,
The leather bag, the stethoscope, the beard,
Emerging from the bedroom, the shrugged sigh,
‘I’m sorry, it was much worse than I feared.’

Our lives define us, in terminal sleep.
‘A gentle sedative to ease her rest;
She’s peaceful now; her heart was always weak.’
No pain, no strange discomfort, no distress.

The cause of death? ‘I’ll sign it straight away.
I’d recommend a quiet cremation.’
More dignified. Private remembrance day.
‘I’ll see myself out. Sorry, must move on.’

Another house call. Mr ‘Hyde’ draws near.
‘Don’t worry now, Mam, look, the Doctor’s here.’

Monday 22 July 2002

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Thursday 11 July 2002

topical sonnet number 34 or so..


Shall we remain a nation so obsessed
By sex and drugs, but not the rock and roll?
If cannabis becomes the drug possessed,
But not so dire to send us all to gaol?
Whichever opiate we drop, the fall
Out is a hurt society repairs,
A dread responsibility, we call
Upon our neighbours to take equal shares.
We smoke, we cough, we treat the cancequence;
We drink, we fight, we fall, we are restored;
We lock away our reason, deny sense,
Obsession is the refuge of the bored.
The barley, grape, tobacco, what’s the score?
Which vegetable of choice will harm us more?

Thursday 11 July 2002

ps - what did the inflatable teacher at the inflatable school say to the inflatable pupil, who had brought a drawing pin into the inflatable classroom?

You've let me down, you've let yourself down, but what is worst - you've let the whole school down...

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Tuesday 9 July

hopefully there is now a comments box in the template.. if so give it a go

Tuesday 9 July
in the damp and clam

a couple of topical sonnets - to catch up...

Arthur Melin, games inventor, has died

Life must have been a riot, oh brother,
Sharing the world of Arthur ‘Spud’ Melin,
Years of nervously anticipating
One crazy gizmo after another.

Just run that by me one more time, oh Spud,
A hula-hoop in luminous plastic,
Kept up by gyrating hips? Fantastic!
Just $9.99 ? That’s clever, that’s good.

What’s that, Spud? A flying saucer? Oh jeez;
A Frisbee, is that what it’s called? OK.
You catch it, spin it, then throw it away?
Ha ha, that’s groovy, but no more, Spud, please.

At last the angels have taken you back
To bounce superballs in god’s hacky sack.

8 July 2002

and in respect of a famous statue..

Thatcher’s Head

Of course, it’s an outrage, we all deplore
A work of art despoiled, defiled, shattered;
Ten kilos of granite smote to the floor
In frenzied blows of unbridled hatred.

The statue itself is grim, let’s declare;
The handbag a potent symbol of small –
Minded vindictiveness; the steely stare
That frighted the air of Westminster Hall.

The lady is silent now, and in stone,
The speeches that bred division are sealed;
Alas, her legacy still lingers on
In mean spirits that eighteen years revealed.

In truth now, don’t we inwardly applaud
That Thatcher’s head has been put to the sword?

7 July 2002

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Wednesday 4 July
just added, I hope, a comments section to the travel update courtesy of enetation..
we'll see
Wednesday 4 July 2002

this time last year I was in Helena Montana watching the fireworks.
and this year I've just got back from Prague..
I know, I know.. I should have added a few travel thoughts from this most romantic and central European capital..
it was brilliant and sensational and beautiful and yes I did take plenty of photos and I'll try to get some of them up on the web..

there's almost too much to refresh on the site just now.

Happy Independence Day US - I did mention this time last year that we could forgive your upstart break away from the old country.. you had to do what you had to do.

the last fortnight has not exactly been 'grabby' as far as the news headlines are concerned, hence the delay in the latest topical sonnet. This one is a bit of a gatherall of latest events.

The end of the World Cup
The start of Wimpleton

God missed her mark, the asteroid passed by;
June culminated in electric haze.
Who won the prize, Brazil or Germany,
The South Koreans or the Japanese?

The President, sedated, transferred power
To Cheney of the triple bi-passed heart;
A bum procedure, George, as hour by hour
The surgeon prayed you wouldn’t give a fart.

Meanwhile at one end of the District Line
The hooray Harriets on Henman Hill;
A dull bip-bop oooh, marks the course of time;
Frustration overtakes aspirant will.

A fortnight of ennui; we failed to care;
They also yawn who only stand and stare.

3 July 2002