Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Tuesday 4 March
Lake tekapo

the wind howled all day yesterday and all I could fit in was a 10 kms hike around the Lake. and then it rained on my parade so I got back to the tent just a bit damp
Dired out

the night sky was as clear and bright as it is possible to imagine. Lake Tekapo is reputed to have the clearest air in the southern hemnisphere. and the sky was spectacluar last night... the milky way is a stunningly clear feature.. there is no other light polution to interfere the clear sky ao meant that the temperatre dropped to about 5 above freezing last night. there is snow down to 3000 feet on the surrounding mountains.

today Tuesday, Im heading bacj to ChCh on a bus.. and then to start working my way up the east coast. the plan is to get to some idyllic spot this weekend in the Marlborough Sound, Tasmen National Park region

Some consolation here in NZ in as much as they have qualified for the next stage of the world cricket cup.. because South Africa tied with Sri Lanka under the Duckworth Lewis method..

now apologies to all my keen readers in the states. it is hard enough explaining the idea of cricket to you... and game that can last upto five days and end in a draw is not a concept that comes naturally to you I appreciate..
however, the idea of explaining the Duckworth Lewis method of calculating the result of a rain interrupted one day game.. well it defeats most cricket commentators, so my apologies that I shan't try here

there isa continued problem with trying to upload photos - all I can say is that the images of the lakes and the mountains are fabulous, breathtaking.
the day that I cycled through to Fairlie - whatever day that was now.. I was told that it reached over 40 degrees C .. looking back and at the state of my peeling nose, I can well believe it.
Don't worry back home - I am using the sunscreen religiously.. and as ever the backs of my hands are going deep brown whilst the fingers curled under the handlebars are pale white.

Aha, the coach approaches. - next despatch hopefully in the whale watching coast north of ChCh.

to be continued..

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

10 June

A dear friend found this poem about travelling through New Zealand
happy memories for me too..
tho NZ feels a million miles and several llight years away...

From Robin Robertson's 'Slow Air'

At Kaikoura

I have driven through the mountains
in a turquoise jeep, to eat here
under these hills that come down to the sea;
a bowl of green-lipped mussels, each
exactly the size of my own mouth,
two local crayfish and a bottle
of cold South Island wine.
There are dolphins in the bay
and sperm whales out beyond the shelf,
trawling for squid. The sun is folded
into the water. I am far from home,
remembering how to live, remembering
I have no home.